Doing business and studying? It's possible at Inholland!

Ondernemen bij SUCH

Starting or growing your own business while studying is not so crazy! More and more students register with the Chamber of Commerce and earn their own money that way. Whether it's your own sustainable clothing line, performing as an artist, or dropshipping. 

Freedom, customer contact, and earning where and when you want are the most common reasons for entrepreneurship. Start Up Campus Haarlem understands this and is in place to provide you as a student with maximum support in your entrepreneurship. Whether you want to start or grow a business. 

Does this appeal to you? Are you dedicated to getting started with another group of entrepreneurs? Then join our 5-month program! You will benefit from free workshops, networking events, and coaching every month. You will get to know yourself better, learn from each other, and meet potential business partners and clients. 

Starting as an entrepreneur 
Are you walking around with a great idea? Would you like to start your own business but don't know how? Then this is an outstanding opportunity to start discovering it. In five months, you will learn everything about making a business plan, yourself as an entrepreneur, and finding your first client, for example. 

Time investment: 8-10 hours per month
Duration: February 2023 - June 2023 

Growing as an entrepreneur 
Are you already doing business and have at least one paying customer? Then this program is for you. In five months, you will learn all about growth hacking, (online) marketing, and smart accounting and bring focus to your entrepreneurship. We guarantee an expansion of your network, practical tools you can apply immediately, and personal growth. 

Time investment: 8-10 hours per month 
Duration: February 2023 - June 2023 

Start your own business 
This round, we offer an entirely English program as well. So if you are not a native Dutchie but can't wait to start your own business, we've got your back! We offer a five monthly program with workshops, events, and coaching. 
We guide you through the essentials of being an entrepreneur. Excited already? Then join us this round! 

Investment: 8-10 hours per month 
Duration: February 2023 - June 2023 

Learn more?
All workshops are held at Start Up Campus Haarlem - Bijdorplaan 15 in Haarlem. Want to join or have questions? Email or Text Jorien. jorien.stoop@inholland.nl / 06 1527 9259