First-year student? Take part in the alignment survey!

Are you a first-year student? In December, we will be asking you to review your study choice and initial study phase at Inholland. You can do so by completing the alignment survey, which will take around ten minutes of your time.

Inholland aims to provide good education which is aligned with the prior education as well as the ambitions, abilities and interests of its students. Good alignment starts with choosing the right degree programme. Inholland would therefore like to find out how you decided which degree programme to pursue and your opinion of the initial study phase.

We wish to use the results of the alignment survey to provide better information and alignment between the prior education and the degree programmes. We would also like to gain insight into issues which you have encountered as a first-year student, allowing us to pay extra attention to these issues. The alignment survey started this week and can be completed either in class on paper or via email.

Any questions or comments regarding the survey can be sent to aansluitonderzoek@inholland.nl.

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