From 1 January, bring your own cup for coffee or tea!


The disposable cups currently provided at the Inholland coffee and tea machines will soon be a thing of the past. From 1 January 2024, due to new European legislation, the use of such cups is no longer allowed. From January, students and staff will therefore be required to bring their own cup and to take it home at the end of the day. So start looking for your nicest, funniest and/or favourite mug and get ready to take it with you on your first day of work or school in 2024!

From January 2024, the use of disposable cups will no longer be allowed in the Netherlands at locations such as offices, associations, schools and sports clubs. This is a result of the European Single-Use Plastic Directive, which aims to reduce the one-off use of plastics.

Paper cups contain plastic
For Inholland, this means, among other things, that disposable cups will no longer be available at our coffee machines. Because although paper cups appear not to contain any plastic, they actually have a thin layer of plastic on the inside, which prevents liquids from dissolving the cardboard.

‘Over the past few months, we conducted extensive research into all the possible alternatives to disposable cups,’ explains facility services advisor Roos Kooren. ‘From introducing a security deposit scheme to cups made of sugar cane, and from placing cupboards full of tableware to introducing a lease-a-cup scheme with collection systems. Of course, we also considered the preconditions, such as resources already available at Inholland, as well as the sustainability and financial consequences of all options.’

Bring your own cup and take it home with you
In the end, we chose the simplest and most sustainable option: bring your own cup. With a bring your own cup policy, everyone can always bring their favourite cup, mug or glass and take it home at the end of the day.

Roos Kooren: ‘For us, this means that we do not have to burden the organisation with additional services that would cost us time or money. In terms of sustainability, washing dishes at home is also the best option because placing dishwashers or washing-up liquid at all locations and pantries would result in additional consumption of time, energy and raw materials.’

No cup?
Starting this January, cups will be for sale from the vending machines operated by the catering company for anyone who forgets to bring a cup from home (without a return policy).

Visitors can report to the service desks/receptions and pick up a visitor’s cup, but only once. So, don’t forget to set your favourite cup aside during the holidays for your first day back after the break.

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