Further explanation of the obligation to wear a face mask


We are pleased that the coronavirus restrictions for the higher education sector were eased this week, despite the high number of infections. The government expects us to take a number of measures in order to reopen safely. One of these measures is the obligation to wear a face mask throughout the building, including in classrooms and consultation rooms. Instead of a recommendation, this is an obligation that the higher education sector must meet to reopen (and stay open). If the number of infections in higher education increases, this will also lead to classes being cancelled because of lecturers or students having to self-isolate and/or quarantine at home. The responsibility to implement this measure is therefore one that we all share.

People hold differing views on the coronavirus restrictions. Alongside those who would prefer not to wear a face mask, we have colleagues and students who are quite anxious about returning to Inholland, given the current high number of infections. Wearing a face mask not only protects yourself, but also others. As this is a shared responsibility, we call on everyone to comply with this rule and remind each other to do so.

Lecturers may also wear a face shield instead of a mask when they are in front of the class. These will be made available by Inholland and can be collected from reception.

The advice is to wear a medical face mask (at least Type II) instead of a fabric mask. For more information about face masks, go to www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19.


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