Update Ukraine: support for our Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian students


The terrible conflict in Ukraine continues. “Inholland University of Applied Sciences supports all international students from the affected areas who study with us”, Executive Board Chair Bart Combee emphasizes in a response. He also expresses his appreciation for all initiatives set up by Inholland to help Ukrainians.

‘Everyone who studies or conducts research with us belongs and is helped by us. This also applies to Russian or Belarusian students. As long as they study with us, they will receive support and help where necessary. In addition to the 'hard' side, such as organizational and financial matters, the soft side is also important: we are very well aware of how difficult the current situation is and we don't look at the country where he or she comes from," says Bart Combee.

All students with Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian nationality known to us have now received a personal message from the Executive Board. There has also been personal contact with them.

Furthermore, all counsellors have been informed about the possibilities to support affected students (including the emergency fund and the counter of the Ministry of Finance). The group of exchange students in Alkmaar receives help from the Student Success Centre of Inholland Alkmaar, the counsellor’s office and the International Office. The international study programmes in the Creative Business and Technology, Design & Information Technology domains are also actively contacted their students, informing them about support options for those affected.

Inholland is currently hosting 32 students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. 12 of these students are taking classes in Alkmaar as part of an exchange. They have been in the Netherlands for a few weeks now. The other students follow an full-time international bachelor's programme and in most cases have been in the Netherlands for several years.

As far as we know, there are currently no students or colleagues studying, teaching or doing research in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus on behalf of Inholland. If you know someone who is currently in one of the countries and who is affiliated with Inholland, please let your supervisor, your teacher or study career coach know.

If you want to do more yourself to support the Ukrainians, you can do so via contributions to Giro 555 or the Red Cross.

Keep an eye on the coverage on Iris. We will provide an update as soon as there is more information.