Den Haag,

Inholland draws up Gender Equality Plan

In recent years, Inholland University of Applied Sciences has taken steps to further shape diversity and inclusion. The point of departure is that diversity is a source of strength that is tapped by recognising different backgrounds, providing relevant flexibility and steering towards social cohesion and collaboration. Diversity, in this case, also expressly refers to gender. A Gender Equality Plan (GEP) has been drawn up in line with our institution’s aims in the field of diversity and inclusion.

Open het Gender Equality Plan (PDF)The GEP first and foremost focuses on addressing the balance between men and women in various roles. Broader issues regarding gender are part of the Diversity & Inclusion policy that Inholland UAS is currently developing within our Diversity & Inclusion task force.

The GEP consists of a phased approach, and this document constitutes the first step of that approach. With this GEP, we also meet the requirement established by the European Commission to have a gender equality plan. Higher education institutions that apply for grants from the Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation must state whether their institution has a GEP in place.

Inholland University of Applied Sciences regularly submits applications for EU grants through its research focus areas. Given that the applied research conducted at Inholland UAS increasingly takes place in collaboration with international partners, having a GEP is vital. In addition, the relevance and quality of the applied research is further enhanced by linking research to global issues that are simultaneously relevant at a regional level.

More communication and information on the various initiatives in the field of diversity and inclusion is set to follow at a later stage.

The plan is available in both English and Dutch.