Inholland is also turning down the heat

Heating to be lowered by two degrees

Zet ook de knop om

The national government has launched the Turn down the heat campaign. ‘Our energy bill is rising, we need to become less dependent on gas from Russia and we want to combat climate change,’ says the information on the government's campaign page. Inholland University of Applied Sciences is also supporting this campaign: from Monday 11 April, we will be lowering the heating in all our buildings by 2 degrees.

Turning the thermostat down is a useful energy-saving measure. The government is setting a good example and is also turning down the heat itself. In 200 government offices, the heating will be lowered by an average of 2 degrees from 21 to 19 degrees. This 2-degree difference is expected to lead to savings of 5 to 10%.

‘We take our contribution to combating climate change seriously,’ says Executive Board member Mieke van den Berg. ‘Although we are hardly using any gas in our buildings already, heating our buildings does consume energy. By means of this step, in which we are turning the heat down slightly, we can also do our bit. We are also examining whether we can turn down the cooling.’

Coming to Inholland on a cold day in the weeks ahead? Bring a warm cardigan or sweater with you.

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