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International exchange at home – Two universities, one idea


Students of Inholland University of Applied Sciences in The Hague who study Business Studies Banking and Insurance and students of Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid who study Finance explore the world of fintechs in Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL).

The students follow a unique exchange programme. The exchange takes place through Microsoft Teams. During three long sessions in October, students study the world of fintech in mixed groups consisting of Dutch and Spanish students. By the end of October students will hand in a report outlining:

  • the features of FinTech companies;
  • possible differences between FinTech companies in The Netherlands and Spain;
  • career opportunities offered by FinTechs.

Guest lectures
On October 9th, all students joined MS Teams to be inspired by two guest lectures followed by a short discussion led by Moderators Juriaan Leissner of Leissner & Van der Molen and Ricardo Palomo, former Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Universidad CEU San Pablo.

The first speaker, Miguel Jaureguízar Francés (Director of digital developments at Renta 4 Banco in Madrid), gave an interesting look into the future of "invisible banks": a future that has already begun. Jaureguízar Francés explained the "innovative added value to users" of FinTechs and the facts why the number of FinTechs is rising quickly.

The second speaker, Tames Rietdijk (Managing Director at BusinessForensics) compellingly elaborated on the fact that FinTechs also present new risks which require banks to hire specialists in order to prevent different forms of financial crime. KNAB, Nationale Nederlanden , NIBC are clients of the company.

Lecturers Robert van Wordragen (lecturer at the Department of Mangement, Finance and Law at Inholland), Elizabeth Frank and Maria Encina Morales de Vega (International academic coordinator and lecturers at Department of Finance and Accounting at the School of Business and Economics of the University CEU San Pablo respectively), started organising the exchange in May during the first lockdown. Due to the COVID-19 crisis they decided to work together in a virtual environment resulting in a challenging international programme.

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Diego Najri Santini
I am a student in Madrid in CEU San Pablo University and our universities are currently working in a program called COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning). I was wondering about having another session in Zoom where we could talk about the Fintech in both the Spanish and Dutch culture. See how they work differently in both countries, which has become a larger trend through the years, where it is more effective... I would love to have a session and talk to any student and professor as I think it could have some benefit for both of us. I am currently working on this assignment so, do not hesitate to write me an email.