New: Iris, now for all your applications!

Applicatieportaal Iris

Until now, you could only find web applications such as Outlook Online, Moodle, and the Library on Iris. For remote desktop applications (virtual applications) like SPSS, Siemens NX, and various dictionaries, you could use the Application Portal. This is about to change. Starting from the end of this day you will be able to launch all applications directly from Iris. This will make it even easier for you to access your applications from any device.

You will find the complete list of applications through the application menu in the top-left corner of Iris. In the "My Apps" section on the homepage, you can enable or disable applications using the gear icon, ensuring that your favorites are always at hand.

For the most part, not much else will change. If you currently use the old link to the Application Portal, you will soon be redirected to a similar page within Iris. To launch remote desktop applications via Iris, just like with the Application Portal, you will need a Remote Desktop (RDP) client. You can install it through the links provided below. If you have an Inholland laptop, the RDP client is already installed for you.

Just like with the Application Portal, files created with remote desktop applications via Iris can be saved to your OneDrive. If you prefer to save them directly to SharePoint or your Team, create a 'Shortcut to OneDrive' first.