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NSE 2022: Inholland students are satisfied but there’s room for improvement


The results of the National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête, NSE) 2022* were released this morning. The general score shows that, just like last year, our students rated us an average of 3.5 out of 5 for the question ‘How satisfied are you with your education in general?’ ’ 'We are pleased that our students are generally satisfied with their education', says Bart Combee, Chairman of the Executive Board of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. 'At the same time, it’s clear that a number of areas require further attention.'

The results of the NSE indicate that, like last year, Inholland students are satisfied with, among other things, the availability and commitment of lecturers, their teaching skills and their knowledge of professional practice. Students also feel at home in your degree programme and are comfortable being yourself within our university. 

You and your fellow students are also more positive about the atmosphere within the university. 'This is good news', says Bart Combee. 'Because it’s something we’ve worked hard on in the past few years.' There has also been a slight increase in satisfaction in terms of the facilities offered by the degree programme, the library and various school-based facilities, such as the availability of teaching rooms and the suitability of workspaces. You are also a little more positive about the options available in terms of support.

Areas that require further attention 
'Given the challenging year that we’ve just had, it’s good to see that the level of satisfaction is the same as it was last year', says Bart Combee. 'We had hoped, however, given the measures that we have put in place, that satisfaction levels would have increased. The NSE makes it clear that there are a number of areas that require further attention.

The timetables and changes to them, for example, which you say you are often not told about in time. The quality of testing and assessment also requires attention. You have also indicated that there is more work to be done on the quality of the study materials used and, for example, on ensuring that assessments are aligned with the learning material.

What will we be doing? 
Bart Combee: 'We are working on improving these and other aspects together with the degree programmes and the programme committees. These committees also include student members. This is essential if your ideas and recommendations are to be taken on board. And it’s great that we can meet each other in person again on campus. We look forward to the future with renewed energy and confidence. And, of course, we would like to thank all the students for their input and feedback.'

Now, back to the results of the NSE. The top-scoring Inholland degree programmes for general satisfaction are the Conservatoire in Haarlem (Music) at 4.2, Civil Engineering in Alkmaar (4.0), the Master’s in Learning & Innovation in Diemen (4.0) and the part-time Associate Degree programme Teaching Professional, which is now being offered at Inholland The Hague (4.0) and Inholland Haarlem (3.9). Students also gave the Master’s in Pedagogy and the Physician Assistant Master’s in Amsterdam and the Associate Degree in Events Management in Diemen and the Bachelor’s in Food Commerce & Technology in Delft a score of 3.9.

The National Student Survey 2022 was commissioned by the Ministry of Education. A total of more than 286.000 students in Dutch higher education completed the survey.

For more specific information on the results of the NSE, check out the information portal. This gives you access to the dashboard with the results and the infographics for each faculty and degree programme. The NSE infographics for each location will be available on the portal from 1 July at the latest.

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