The Hague,

St Maarten Donation Drive for Hurricane Irma

Around this time last month, the world received some devastating news. A natural disaster, by the name of Hurricane Irma hit several parts of the USA and Caribbean Islands, causing many to lose their homes, belongings and in some worst case scenarios their family members.

Being that here at Inholland, we have many students from the Caribbean whose family members were affected, some students decided to pull together and lend a helping hand. Some Creative Business: Media and Entertainment students in The Hague came up with the idea to hold a Donation Drive in order to help the victims of Hurricane Irma in St Maarten. The Donation Drive took place in several Inholland locations in order to collect as much donations as possible. Students took turns to volunteer, hand out flyers, set up Donation Stalls and created a list of items that fellow students and staff could donate in order to help the victims. Some of these donations involved cases of water, food, toiletries, clothes and much more.

Furthermore, there was a money donations box as well as donation action page where people were directed to in order to make their monetary donations. A famous St Maarten delicacy called ‘Johnny cake’, was also sold at the stalls in order to raise funds.

All in all, the St Maarten Donation Drive was a success. The students were able to show support to fellow students and staff affected by this natural disaster, but most importantly show them that they care and are there for them in their time of crisis. All proceeds and donations have been shipped off to Sint Maarten directly in order to reach those in need.

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