Student well-being monitor 2022 – Will you participate?

Let us know how you’re doing and what we can do to increase your well-being

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Perhaps you’ve already seen the email with the link to the monitor. From 9 till 22 May you can fill out the student well-being monitor (SWM). This monitor is meant for all students who study at Inholland. Let us know how you’re doing and what Inholland can do to increase your well-being. 

Filling out the survey takes approximately 10 minutes. Directly afterwards you can choose to receive your personal results. Also, you may enter a raffle with a chance to win a nice book of your choice or a VVV-voucher. 

Your responses are very valuable as they allow development of better support for students at the higher education institute. Do you have questions about the SWM? Please send an email to studiesucces@inholland.nl

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