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Students Creative Business: MEM organize Culture Talks in The Hague

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We are surrounded by people with different cultural backgrounds. This is not always noticeable. Three  students Creative Business: Media and Entertainment Management want to focus on the different cultural backgrounds at Inholland University The Hague, by organizing the Culture Talks Event for all students and employees of Inholland The Hague on November 14th.

Culture Talks aims to bring students and teachers from Inholland The Hague together by creating an unforgettable experience this November. The team wants to give all students and teachers the opportunity to express and to share their cultural backgrounds and to learn from other cultures. They can express their cultures with different art pieces such as art works, music, food, stories, etc. On 14 November, the Culture Talks Event will take place at Inholland The Hague. Here we will have inspiring masterclasses, adventurous workshops and most importantly, have the chance to experience different cultures.


On 8 and 9 November (10 AM - 5 PM), there will be cameras waiting for all students and teachers at Inholland The Hague. Here they will have the opportunity to express their culture with everyone else. These talks should be a maximum of 10 minutes. Besides that, on the Culture Talks website and also in The Mauritszaal, we will open the door to learn and discover new cultures with our exhibition. Everyone can submit all kinds of artwork via the 'Contact' page on our website. All students and teachers of Inholland are welcome to participate.

Express! Learn! And join the experience. #shareyourstory
Culture Talks The Hague

Inholland University of Applied Sciences The Hague is a UNESCO-school. A UNESCO-school aims to get students familiar with the ideas of UNESCO such as peace, human rights, environmentally conscious, (world) citizenship and intercultural learning. Activities and projects connected to this Culture theme suits UNESCO perfectly.

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