Wij Inholland: last chance to enter!

Wij Inholland

Are you working on an innovative project? Take the stage and sign up for the Wij Inholland award 2017. Vlogging and blogging about jurisdiction, a vertical wind turbine to generate power and an event to enhance mutual understanding between Dutch and international students. These are just some of the projects that have already registered. You can enter your project until 1 March via communicatie@inholland.nl.

A small selection of the student teams who have already entered the competition:

GOWind systems
A vertical wind turbine to generate energy for offices and apartments. Seven Aeronautical Engineering students from Inholland Delft respond to the need for sustainable energy with their project GOWind Systems. “It’s our goal to make people’s life’s greener, which will save them money in the long run”, says project leader Sven Geres.

Lost in Translation
Barış Altınöz and Ramona Valimareanu from Media and Entertainment Management (IMEM) at Inholland The Hague, discovered that international students are struggling with homesickness. They therefore organised an event to strengthen mutual understanding between Dutch and international students.

Glass Saver
Students Wouter Koomen, Patrick Hoorn, David Rietbroek (Technische Bedrijfskunde) and Edwin Stark (Business IT & Management) developed a special wineglass holder for the dishwasher. “It often happens that people wash the glasses by hand because they’ll otherwise break”, says Edwin.

Justice Journalists
“We think it’s important that young people understand law and we want to enthuse them”, states HBO-Law student Beatrix Darantinao from Inholland Rotterdam. Together with classmate Muriël Nandkoemarsing, she will create online reports to show young people around in the world of law.

Vision Systems
For their project Vision Systems, six Aeronautical Engineering students from Inholland Delft developed a drone for the Haaglanden fire department. “Our drone can quickly map ‘heat spots’ within a burning building and is safer than a conventional drone because those are attached to a cable”, says team member Marco Withag.

An extension piece to close the vacuum cleaner hose. Sandy Michielen, Tom Straatman, Jasper Baltus and Ruben Warns from the Technische Bedrijfskunde programme at Inholland Alkmaar, discovered that half of Dutch females are afraid of spiders. The students therefore came up with an innovative spider catcher.

Tropical Island 
Several students Landscape and Environment Management (LEM) and Food, Commerce and Technology (FCT) from Inholland Delft designed a self-sufficient island in the North Sea. Their plan includes sustainable agriculture and tourism, which will be powered by waste heat from steel company Tata Steel.

Fourth-year Pabo-students from Inholland Alkmaar were asked to develop an entrepreneurial project. Project ‘Foodtruck’ is an initiative from Stichting Kroon van Holland and introduces children to healthy food in a fun way.

Holwerd on Sea
Three Landscape and Environment Management (LEM) students from Inholland Delf came up with a strategy to put the Frisian village Holwerd on the map. They thought about water management and nature and presented their plan during a conference in France.

What is Wij Inholland?
Wij Inholland gives students the opportunity to distinguish themselves with an innovative project. It is essential that the innovation focuses on health, sustainability or creativity. It is also compulsory that the project is multidisciplinary and that it has an added value to the region. Besides that, collaboration with a company, institute or community is important. The competition starts on 14 March. The winning project will receive support to take their project to the next level.

Does your project deserve to be in the spotlight? Email communicatie@inholland.nl

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