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Guidelines binding study recommendation: questions and answers for students and staff


Just like other Universities of Applied Sciences, Inholland is following the recommendation to postpone a negative binding study recommendation (bindend studieadvies, abbreviated to BSA) until the end of the second year of study (academic year 2020/2021). This way we are offering students more time to demonstrate their academic suitability for the programme. You can read what this means in the Q&A for students and staff.

The corona guidelines affect the progress of study of our students. We of course try to limit the effects as much as possible by offering education online, but unfortunately we cannot completely prevent them. By deciding to postpone the issuing of a BSA, we hope to at least give students some space to breathe. On March 20th we have taken a decision on how we will design the postponement of the BSA within our university of applied sciences.

There are many questions among colleagues about the concrete execution of this decision. Does this guideline also apply to higher-year students with a postponed BSA? Can I issue a positive recommendation this study year? What about the February admissions? To answer these and other questions, we have now put Questions & Answers on Iris:

Is your question (and answer) regarding the BSA/BSR not included here? Please get in touch with