Inholland will reduce the number of student desktops

As Inholland, we are increasingly working towards an environment in which you can learn and work flexibly. Especially in the present time it is important for you as a student that you can study anywhere and whenever you want. A good laptop is indispensable here.

We see that many students already have their own laptop to study and we are working hard to support studying from your own laptop. In this way, we are increasingly working towards the education of the future.

Bring your own device
In order to make it possible for our education and our services to stay in line with this future-oriented development, we expect from the next academic year that you as a student will have your own laptop to study, we call this "Bring your own device".

With your own laptop, you can work in the applications you need for your study, just like on an Inholland desktop. This can be done through our own Appstore. To help you choose a suitable laptop, we have found a partner supplier to make offers through a specially equipped webshop. Here you can also buy hardware accessories. You are of course free to purchase your laptop wherever you want. A refurbished laptop is also a good option. In all cases it is important that you check what the specifications are that the laptop must meet to be able to study.

Adjust our locations to suit Bring your own device
Because we see and expect that as a student you have your own laptop to study, we have reconsidered the interior of our locations. On the basis of future developments, it has been determined that maintaining the current number of student desktops in the study landscapes is not compatible with Bring your own device.

We are therefore going to reduce the number of student desktops this academic year. By phasing out the student desktops, space will be created that can be designed in a future-proof manner, in line with the principles of flexible learning and working.

What will change for me?
You will soon see that a large number of student desktops have been removed and a small number has remained. We coordinate with each location what happens to the places where student desktops are removed. We take into account that the workplaces are suitable for studying on your own laptop and fit the type of education that is offered at the location.