Panoptes - a novel tool for teaching organ at risk delineation to radiotherapy technologists

Jelle Scheurleer, Eliana Maria Vasquez Osorio, Esther Assendelft, Arjan Bel, Irma van Dijk, Harmen Bijwaard en Marcel van Herk
Soort object
Abstract Submitted for ESTRO 2021: Purpose or Objective Accurate delineation of organs at risk (OAR) is essential in modern radiotherapy to avoid under-or overestimation of the dose in the particular organs. However, this process is sensitive to intra/inter-observer variations. The aim of this project was to develop and test a web-based tool to support delineation teaching and evaluation of delineations by a large number of students using a commercial treatment planning system (TPS). Materials and Methods The web-based tool (based on open-source Conquest DICOM server) provides an infrastructure for contouring studies regardless the TPS used for delineation. The system keeps track of individual students generating a separate anonymized dataset per student with a template structure to enforce consistent naming. Interfaces for the teacher were created to 1) prepare individual cases, 2) export analysis results, 3) visualise contours delineated by multiple individuals and 4) set up and apply rules for automated scoring of the student’s contours to a provided Gold Standard. Multiple delineation sessions on the same cases allow for assessing the impact of teaching or guidelines. A student interface was created to allow independent data management, i.e., download of DICOM datasets to delineate, upload of delineated structures, and access to scoring with visual feedback