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'I always strive to be the best I can be!'

Mia graduates summa cum laude

Mia graduates summa cum laude!

Graduating with an A* and passing all courses with a grade A or higher. Mia Jovetic, Aeronautical Engineering student in Delft, has done it, and proudly obtained her diploma on Friday 8 July. “I'm super proud of the result. I did not start the programme thinking I'd achieve this result, but I do always strive to be the best I can be!”

Four years ago, Mia started the Aeronautical Engineering programme. Originally from Montenegro, she studied in England for two years. “Those two years in England taught me what it is like to live on your own and be independent.” To this day, Mia is very happy that she opted for the degree she just completed. “The Netherlands suits me. It is innovative, international, and offers many opportunities to further develop myself within my field of expertise. The Netherlands is very progressive, especially in terms of technology.”  

More direction
Mia has managed to get through the programme fairly easily in the past four years. “The first year went well for me because I had already gained a lot of relevant knowledge during my studies in England. But all the projects were new to me, this was very difficult at times and very educational at the same time.” Mia tells us that every year it got increasingly tough and she and her fellow students had to step it up a notch to be able to make it. From the third year onwards, everyone has the opportunity to specialise in a minor. 'I chose the minor Design & Development. You take courses such as Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics and Control. I really enjoyed these and, as a result, it helped me determine which direction I wanted to take after my studies.” 

Simulation model for the defence and space project
In her fourth year, Mia started the EE-Minor, giving students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship. During this programme, students develop a business case and try to convince stakeholders of their plans. After the minor, it was time to graduate. “I was given the opportunity to start researching the innovation of a ‘solid rocket motor toolbox' at NLR Amsterdam (Netherlands Aerospace Centre). During my research, I thought about building a simulation model that could measure the performance of these rocket motors. It was a topical issue at the time because it can be used by the Ministry of Defence to defend the Netherlands.” 

Mia had not been familiar with the operation of the fuel engine before. “During the course, the focus is mainly on studying the operation of the aircraft, so designing and operating the missiles was new to me.” Mia indicated that she found the level of this assignment quite tough: “This assignment is actually intended for Master's students, but due to my experience and profile I was given the opportunity. And naturally, I grabbed it with both hands!”

Be the best you can be
Mia says she is proud of the result she has achieved: “It was not my goal to achieve such results in advance, but I always strive to be the best I can be! When I was given the opportunity to follow this degree programme in the Netherlands and learn more about the technical field, I took it. Now I can look back with pride on what I have achieved over the past four years.” Last Friday, Mia proudly received her diploma. In September, she will be working as an engineer at German-Dutch Windtunnels. She has the ambition to pursue a part-time Master's degree in addition to her full-time job in the future. 


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