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'The degree programme is so broad that you will learn something about every aspect of the field'

Internship Robin Mens

Robin Mens on his internship at Donkervoort Automobiele

During the third year, students of the Aeronautical Engineering programme at Inholland Delft have the opportunity to outline their learning route further and get a taste of the professional field through an internship. Robin Mens got an internship at Donkervoort Automobielen, an organisation that develops unique ‘supercars’ made of composite materials. “An internship is such a different experience compared to going to school. It truly was a unique experience.”

In December 2020, Robin was determined to get an internship at Donkervoort Automobielen in September 2021. “Through the TV programme 'Humberto Onderneemt', I got a look behind the scenes at Donkervoort. This is really a unique company, I was immediately excited. So I started writing letters in December, about nine months before I was supposed to start my internship.” After sending a few emails that showed his determination, Robin was able to start his internship at Donkervoort in September.

Experience in composite materials
Donkervoort develops supercars, also called fast lightweight cars, that are mainly made of composites. During Robin's internship, he had an important assignment: “Optimisation of the composite production process”. Completion of this contract was intended to streamline the production process. “It was quite a tough assignment and because I had no idea what the current production process was like, I worked full-time in the production department for two weeks at the start of my internship.” During these two weeks, Robin learned a lot about the process. “I noticed that I had gained little practical experience at school, as unfortunately, we had very few practical lessons during COVID. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to gain that experience at Donkervoort, so you can actually see how it works in practice!”

From research to implementation
After a few weeks on the shop floor, Robin had gained a lot of knowledge that he could use for his assignment. Robin put this knowledge on paper and developed a manual. “After writing the manual, the idea was that all employees involved in this process would be informed. It was a good thing that my course also included communication because this allowed me to communicate with them in the right way. In fact, the degree programme is so broad in scope, you will learn something about every aspect of the field!” 

A future in composite
“I really enjoyed my internship. Of course, it's very different compared to going to school. And by being organised, I hardly needed to spend any time on my technical report after my working day.” Robin gained a lot of knowledge during his internship at Donkervoort. This is how he discovered that he is very interested in working with composite materials. “We will also be working on this during our final year project, so it is a great advantage to have gained experience at Donkervoort.”


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