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Ask student Anna Gomelyuk

Hello there! I'm Anna, an IMEM student from Ukraine. Well, I consider myself a world citizen, as I've traveled and lived in many different countries around the world. After seeing various places and trying different universities, my eyes were set on Inholland.

Before coming here, I conducted an in-depth research (meaning, stalking the university's social media) in order to truly get to know the studies. When I came to Creative Business: Media and Entertainment Management, it did not disappoint but even exceeded my expectations. Thanks to my eagerness for meeting new people and learning new skills, I have made a lot of good connections and was able to become a part of Inholland The Hague promo team. Now I am here to tell you about the university of applied sciences and the studies, as well as any other student-related topics. I provide information in different ways, so choose whichever you prefer. First and foremost, you can watch my Inholland vlogs on YouTube to see for yourself what student life looks like and what we do here at Inholland. You can also meet me in real life during Inholland Open Days and Taster sessions, so to say - tête-à-tête. And last but not least, you can send me an email, right here. I will make sure to answer as soon as I can. Hope to see you around!


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