Information Technology

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What is the programme Information Technology about?

We live in a digital age: laptops, mobiles and tablets are an integral part of our everyday lives. Where would business and industry, education, healthcare and the media be without ICT? In today’s world there is a real demand for professionals who are up to speed with the latest trends and technologies.

Information Technology (IT) is a broad programme that includes a wide range of courses. The programme covers fields as diverse as software development, interaction design and network technology. The content of the programme is closely linked to professional practice. The IT programme provides you with a solid foundation for a wide range of jobs in the ICT sector. It's therefore no surprise that our graduates quickly find good jobs. After all, we have educated them to be versatile, all-round professionals.

The full-time programme Information Technology: something for you?

A typical IT student is independent and takes responsibility for their own learning, but also works well with peers. They are eager to learn, solution-oriented, creative and understand the needs of employers and customers.

Do you have a passion for technology, the Internet, gaming or social media? Do you believe that the purpose of ICT is to make people’s lives easier? Are you interested in programming and security? Do you like designing apps? If so, there’s a strong chance that the Information Technology programme is the right choice for you!