International Business Innovation Studies (Eng.)


The programme International Business Innovation Studies: is it right for you?

Are you interested in leading change and innovation within an international business environment? Want to develop and develop and sharpen your skills in:

  • defining trends and developments, problems, issues, opportunities, necessary changes;
  • designing value-adding solutions that meet the end users' needs (e.g. concepts, strategies, products, services, processes);
  • executing / implementing business cases, plans, ideas, solutions and performing tasks and activities derived from the business case and plans (marketing, sales, HR, purchasing, finance, etc.);
  • evaluating, measuring and monitoring performance and execution?

Do you want to become an idea fuser ("a person with the ability to pull two unlike things together to create a beautiful third") and a knowmad ("a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere")?

Then the International Business Innovation Studies programme might be perfect for you.

The bachelor programme International Business Innovation Studies (Eng.)) is an English programme provided by Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Click on 'Read more...' for more information regarding the programme:

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