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"Being interested and motivated were my keys to success."

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Graduate Qing Gu

IT education in English
I am a PhD student (aio) at the VU University Amsterdam. My interest is in service-orientated architecture at the software engineering section in the computer science department. The work is definitely in line with my study Mathematical Engineering at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Diemen. The agency in China recommended me this study. At that time, I had about five universities to choose from, and Inholland was the only university that provided IT education in English.

Good hardware facilities
When I look back on my study at Inholland, I personally don't think that it’s difficult, since I already had some working experience in IT in China. Nevertheless, it's an interesting study. Especially since Inholland offers an interesting training in Cisco networking technologies. It not only provides theoretical knowledge but it is also very useful for students who decide to work at a networking company after graduation.

Inholland has very good hardware facilities. The students' computers are upgraded nearly every academic year. The printers, scanners and copy machines are also very easy to access. Furthermore, there are affordable fitness facilities for students. In general, the information desk can always provide information to students, such as accommodations, libraries, etcetera. The building is verywell-organised. Also a good thing is that most of the lecturers are highly experienced.

I would recommend potential students to do Mathematical Engineering at Inholland. First of all, due to all the hardware facilities that the school is equipped with. Secondly, the special Cisco networking training is unique at Inholland and it gives added value to your diploma. Thirdly, after completing the bachelor programme you have a good basis of knowledge and skills to join a master programme, as I did successfully at the VU University Amsterdam. Students who want to follow IT education should have a sufficient level of mathematical background and master basic computer skills.

An important thing for a potential student is to find out what he or she is really interested in. It will help to make the right choice for the field of study and be motivated. Being interested and motivated were my keys to success. Of practical importance are the first weeks at the start of semester 1. Most of the administrative information is given during this period, such as how the courses are organised, where to get information, how to contact the lecturers and so on. It is also a good period to get to know the other classmates.


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