Mathematical Engineering (EN) fulltime

"The teachers will not give you the answer, but they will give you a direction and expect you to find the answer."

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Student Warwick Louw

I chose to come to Inholland because it has a good English course for IT, it is very well structured and definitely something that I would like to do and I think I will be able to find a job easily with the subjects. I am happy that the school has all the software we need, our whole course revolves around the software we use.

The program is fun and the teachers are great; they encourage you to do your work. They are very helpful. They will not give you the answer, but they will give you a direction and expect you to find the answer. I like the lectures, they are interesting and useful. I enjoy the variety of the programming languages we are learning, and all the different skills we attain while learning to operate them.

We have to cross many bridges with each other. It is quite multicultural independent, so it does not matter of which culture you are or you have to work with.

The projects are a lot of fun; we do a lot of things together. For example one of the projects was web-based. It is website, which connects to a data base. They teach you about memory efficiency, because you have to make one page of the website do a lot of things. It is just like building real life things.

I would like to work in developments and innovations. I would like to apply for a big company for an internship. The good things when applying to large companies is that they will put you somewhere specific. You do not need to fight for it, they will normally assign you. But if I would apply for a smaller company I would apply for developers or something related.


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