Case eldoLED

The script and storyboard for an AV product at eldoLED had to change completely because of the lockdown. The students International Creative Business could deliver something even more special when they had the chance to film another AV product at eldoLED. Despite the restrictions they created a professional product.

Creative Business
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The client came to us explaining that they would like to inform their target audience (those in the lighting industry) on the products eldoLED provide. They wanted us to produce an AV (audiovisual) product, in which our team delivered successfully. The professional product was produced in our ‘Behind the scenes’ module.

Ervaringen van onze studenten

We learned to think outside the box with this project, whilst being under pressure. Unfortunately, we were going into lockdown at the time so our plans including the script and storyboard had to change completely. We had to start everything from the beginning. From here we were able to think of a new concept in a short period of time. I believe we had about a week left before having to present this product to the client. What would I do differently next time would be to get a chance to film eldoLED’s headquarter? We were able to execute a professional product despite our restrictions. So I believe if we had the chance to film another AV product at eldoLED we could deliver something even more special.

The inspiration came from eldoLED’s slogan which was “colour is our nature”. We wanted to play with this by displaying RGBW colours within nature, so we decided to showcase each scene with those colours.

Advice to give other students would be to not to limit yourself, the possibilities are endless. You just need to come up with a detailed plan and keep brain storming until you have an idea. Use your creativity! Overall, the project was a great success, and it is a product we are very proud of. As a disclaimer, we shot the entire production with an iPhone Xs, equipped with a macro lens.

Ervaringen van de opdrachtgever

The team did a great job in producing a promotional video for one of our clients, eldoLED.  Even though eldoLED wasn't a client within the Creative Business industry, the team took a very artistic approach and proved how our study combined both Creativity and Business. The team has taken into account the wishes of the client in a very professional manner and this can be seen in the way they took the approach of storytelling and used the power of imagery. As their learning coach for that term, I am happy to say that it was a pleasure working with such a talented group of students.