Proefstuderen bij Creative Business (EN)


Den Haag

13:00 - 17:00 uur

Is International Creative Business something for you?
Would you like to develop these concepts in your future role as a manager, entrepreneur or consultant? In the Creative Business programme, you’ll learn to implement these plans and test how much added value they create. You’ll work in a highly diverse international environment and receive personal guidance when making your choices, all while tackling actual challenges facing real-life organisations. Creative Business trains the creative business leaders of tomorrow.

Online Taster Session, what can you expect?
Do you want to join a Taster Session? Online of course, like all our classes right now.

During the Taster Session you will get a presentation about International Creative Business. You will receive more information about the study and you can ask all your questions. Next to this, you will get an online lecture from one of our teachers, so you know exactly what to expect when you start the study. We will end the day with an Q&A with our current students, so you can ask all your questions about Inholland, the study and student life.  

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Do you want to join an online taster session? Apply now!

How does the online Taster session work?
A few days before the taster session you will receive a link to join a MS Teams session. We will invite you for the right fate and time and you will join together with other interested students.