The Hague,

Join the Community Day of the Sustainable Media Lab

Join our Creative Business students of the Sustainable Media Lab  for an interactive showcase event all about 'Media and Justice' on Friday January 13th. 
From interactive games about spotting misinformation to an immersive vr experience about journalists in crisis areas. 

The students of the Sustainable Media Lab have made creative and experiential media products to help you understand how and why media can shape, nurture, and impede justice in our society.  The Sustainable Media Lab will be hosting the Community Day on Friday, January 13th from 14:00-17:00 in the Mauritszaal at Inholland The Hague

The projects of the Sustainable Media Lab were made possible thanks to partnerships with Sound & Vision The Hague, Municipality of and The Hague Humanity Hub.


You're all welcome  on January 13th! Click here for more information and registration: