Mathematical Engineering (EN) fulltime

Mathematical Engineering  = connecting the digital dots.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how navigation apps determine your fastest route? Or asked yourself how translations apps or music playlists are created? The answer is: big data. It is all because someone gathers the data in order to create better models and programmes. The effect? A comfortable life for all individuals who use these systems every single day.

Mathematical Engineering helps you excel in software development, data science, and even entrepreneurship. In other words: in our diverse study programme you obtain all the much-needed skills for a future career in IT, using it to advance (digital) systems, mobile networks, artificial intelligence and organisational structures.

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4 years full-time
Diemen (Amsterdam)

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What you need to know about Mathematical Engineering

  1. We offer an unique combination of applied mathematics and computing.
  2. Focus of the programme is on big data and data mining - the future of IT!
  3. The programme offers networking in the form of the Cisco CCNA and CCNP programs.
  4. Most projects involve real clients, such as tech companies and governmental organisations.
  5. We are a small-scale, international community. Staff know all students by name and higher year students help first year students. 
  6. After graduation, your options are endless! You could work for any business that uses math or IT.
  7. 95% of our students have a suitable job 1,5 years after graduation.


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