News in brief: January 2017


Tourism Management students went to Krakow, less Dutch students go to Turkey and Student Hotels are under fire. 

Exploring tourism in Krakow
Fifty Inholland Diemen students from the Tourism Management minor Destination Management spent a couple of days in the beautiful city of Krakow (see attached picture). The group did field research on the possible dispersion of tourism around the Polish city. An employee of the local Tourism Board presented the destination in an inspirational way and on top of that, the Polish Tourism Board offered a free excursion to Auschwitz and Birkenau. Furthermore, the Inholland students were offered a presentation at the tourism department of the University of Physical Education and they had multiple opportunities to mingle with local Polish counterparts. Even though it was freezing cold outside, the good food and affordable prices made the visit to Krakow an exciting surprise for the Destination Management students.

Less students want to go to Turkey
Far less Dutch students want to do their internship or exchange in Turkey. At some schools the number of students going to Turkey have fallen by 90%. A survey by the NOS shows that students feel unsafe after the attacks and political unrest in the country. Istanbul is usually the most popular destination, but multiple International Offices across the Netherlands notice that students avoid the capital. “So far we have not added Turkey on the list of ‘no-go’ countries, but we do highlight it as a high risk country”, says Rob Maat, head of the International Office at Windesheim.

Student Hotels
Are Student Hotels meant for a temporary stay, or are they disguised student housing? The Dutch Student Union (LSVb) thinks it is the latter and considers legal action against the hotels. The Student Hotels are under attack: the rental prices would be too high and students are not protected by security of tenure. In a debate with the LSVb, the Student Hotels disagree with the way they are portrayed. The company says it focuses on international students who often stay in the Netherlands for a short period only. The LSVb maintains it views. “At present the Student Hotels are slipping through loopholes in the law”, says chairman Jarmo Berkhout.

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