The sky is the limit

Tourism Management student Lisanne Antenbrink has made her third year a true adventure! She is spending the full year abroad. She moved from an arctic environment with snow and reindeers, to a more tropical one with cyclones and magical scenery.

When Lisanne started her Tourism Management programme at Inholland Diemen, she immediately knew that she wanted to go abroad. Time passed and in the second year she heard about the possibilities to go abroad. Having limited finances, a European country allowed her to get the Erasmus grant. Narrowing the universities down to Scandinavia and Finland, she instinctively chose Lapland University in Finland. Without realising she would be living on the arctic circle!

Lisanne Antenbrink, student Tourism Management
I could not be any happier for picking Lapland University as my study abroad experience.
Lisanne Antenbrink, student Tourism Management

At the start of the third year, Lisanne moved to Rovaniemi, a city in Finland's northernmost province. Here she experienced living with reindeers, Santa Claus and only a couple of hours of daylight. The snowfall started in October and lasted until April, meaning she lived in the snow for a couple of months. “It got so cold there that whenever I went inside the supermarket it was way too hot and I had to take heaps of layers off. One time I exited the supermarket and saw there was a traffic jam caused by reindeers crossing the road. During my studies there I organised a gala, went to Norway, and helped reindeer herders catching reindeers. I could not be any happier for picking Lapland University as my study abroad experience”.

After spending just three weeks in the Netherlands, Lisanne had to pack her bags again to go to Auckland, New Zealand. She is now doing her internship there and loves it. “On one side it's completely different to Finland, especially the very obvious climate difference. On the other side, the people are very easy-going in both countries. New Zealand’s nature is stunning, the food is great, and until now I have only met very kind and helpful people. It feels like I am on a holiday any time after office hours. I honestly do not want to leave New Zealand, since I feel like I am truly at home. After graduating I will certainly return to this amazing country, as it offers very good job opportunities in tourism. For now I will enjoy living here and make the most out of it. I can totally recommend it to everyone for a diverse but super exciting third year!”

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