Learning = being courageous

Welcome to our University of Applied Sciences, where learning is key. Naturally it is - we are an educational institution, after all. 

Of course, 'learning' means different things to different people...

To us, learning is more than simply acquiring knowledge and skills needed for a particular job or field of expertise. To us, learning is a mindset you adopt. A mindset that helps you develop yourself, every single day. We help you develop this mindset to prepare yourself for the job market of the future.

Observing, listening and speaking up when needed are key skills you learn at Inholland. We teach students to persevere where others stop. We help foster an eagerness in students to become life-long learners in our ever-changing world.

Learning in this way requires more than merely working your way through piles of books, memorising notes and doing tests. Our type of learning requires courage: the courage to make choices, to try new things, to overcome fears and to trust your instincts.

This courage, is what you develop at Inholland. We encourage you to change your mind when needed and to adapt to the world around you, because we want you to grow to be the best you can be. We believe it is okay to make mistakes because mistakes are lessons in disguise.

Learning is working together. We all need support and appreciation, especially when we face challenges. Inholland is like a second family, full of people who support you, who help you overcome doubt and help you find the right direction.

We provide a safe, friendly and helpful environment for our students because we know how much it takes to keep learning and improving yourself in order to get where you want to be.