Creative Business (ENG) full-time

Turn your creativity into new business and apply it to make businesses more successful.

The world is changing and digitising at a rapid pace. Old professions are disappearing, as new ones emerge. These days, organisations need people that see these changes as potential opportunities. They need people with the commercial insight to develop good ideas. People capable of designing fresh and creative new media concepts that will help them achieve greater commercial and social success.

Would you like to develop these concepts in your future role as a manager, entrepreneur or consultant? In the Creative Business programme, you’ll learn to implement these plans and test how much added value they create. You’ll work in a highly diverse international environment and receive personal guidance when making your choices, all while tackling actual challenges facing real-life organisations. Creative Business trains the creative business leaders of tomorrow.

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4 years full-time
The Hague and Haarlem

Everything you need to know about Creative Business

  1. You develop smart media concepts and use them to create social and commercial value.
  2. You work and network with highly diverse international teams of students, coaches and experts to tackle current cases for real-life clients.
  3. You can attend this programme in The Hague or Haarlem.
  4. There is no 'one size fits all' Creative Business programme: you get to choose your own path, with your personal development as the central focus.
  5. You do not have any exams. You learn by doing and demonstrate your skills through assignments such as giving a convincing presentation or writing a professional report.
  6. You experience the benefits of personal attention and supervision.

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