Types of universities in the Netherlands

There are two types of universities in the Netherlands: universities of applied sciences (hogeschool in Dutch) and research universities. Inholland is a university of applied sciences.

The differences

University of applied sciences

  • Education is more hands-on and profession-oriented.
  • The emphasis is on obtaining skills and knowledge that can immediately be put into use in the professional field.
  • More contact hours and more learning through doing projects.
  • Typically takes four years to complete and always includes an internship.
  • Prepares for a professional role.

Research university

  • Education is more theoretical and scientific.
  • The emphasis is on obtaining critical and analytical thinking skills in order to conduct research in a specific field.
  • Fewer contact hours and more course material to study independently.
  • Typically takes three years to complete, but usually does not include an internship.
  • Prepares for an academic, research or professional role.