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Adjusting to a new country can be challenging and overwhelming. Inholland pays attention to your study experience and wellbeing and provides the right support and tools. It's about integrating and feeling connected, meeting new people and balancing your study and private life. In short: it is about developing yourself, in order to ultimately achieve your goals and gain the experiences you are looking for. Discover (y)our way to boost your study time by getting the support, tools and coaching you need. Let's start here!

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Workshops personal growth

Do you want to invest in your personal development, your academic skills and/or develop your talents? Maybe you’d rather get help because you don’t feel as good as you used to right now. It’s possible with New Heroes online training!

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Getting control of your finances

Do you sometimes lose track of your finances? Are you behind on payments? You are not alone! Watch this video to learn more about Dutch finances or talk to a financial coach about your money concerns.

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Looking for social activities?

There are associations and (sports, culture or music) clubs for everyone. The ideal place to get to know other students. You can benefit from all that the large international student community has to offer.

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Integrating cultures, more understanding!

Make your integration in the Netherlands as easy as possible by connecting with other students and understanding different cultures. Get support and practical tips!

 Meeting people, more connection!

Meet other students physically or digitally to connect with other cultures and exchange knowledge.

 Creating overview, more structure!

Balance your study and personal life to reduce stress and get peace of mind. Discover all the tools you need to create more structure in your life.

Being heard, more progress!

Deal with study delay properly by getting the right tools and connecting with people who can help you.

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