Verify your skills if you are 21 years or older and do not meet the admission requirements. 

Entrance exam

If you want to apply for a programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, but do not meet the admission requirements, there is the possibility of taking an entrance exam.  The test is designed to verify that you have adequate knowledge and skills to follow a bachelor's degree at a university of applied sciences.


  • You must be 21 years or older on the start date of the programme (1 September); 
  • You have registered in time for one of the programmes in Studielink (please leave the subject of diploma education empty);
  • In addition to the test, you must hold an admissible English proficiency certificate (IELTS or TOEFL) which is no older than two years on the start date of the programme; 
  • You must be present in the Netherlands on the test date.


The entrance exam is based on the Dutch secondary school finals (havo level) which is equivalent to higher general secondary education. Find more information in our Entrance Exam Info Guide. 


The costs for the entrance exam are € 90. It is not possible to pay on the day that the test takes place.

Be aware that, in adddition to the cost of the test, you have to pay for an IELTS or TOEFL certificate independently. These cost between € 180 - € 200. 

Exam dates

It is no longer possible to take the entrance exam for academic year 2023-2024.
New information about the entrance exam will be announced on this page from the start of November.

More information about the entrance exam

Procedure entrance exam

Procedure entrance exam

The capacity test, the first component of the entrance exam, is developed by NOA. The capacity test, which takes place online, is designed for us to examine whether you have sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to start a course at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. We do this on the basis of a Multicultural Capacity Test for Higher Level (MCT-H): your results are compared with a reference group in order to determine whether you indeed meet the required level for your new study.

If you successfully completed the capacity test, you can take part in the second component of the entrance exam: the subject test(s) which take place at one of our institution’s locations.

Components capacity test

Components capacity test

The MCT-H takes about 100 minutes and consists of eight subtests. These subtests measure four factors: logical reasoning & spatial insight, numerical abilities, verbal abilities and perceptual speed. In the MCT-H report, the results can also be displayed in an IQ score to determine a general intelligence level.

  • Logical reasoning & spatial insight

Logical reasoning is about the extent to which a candidate is able to discover logical relationships between images and if a candidate is able to orient himself spatially.

  • Numeric abilities

Here we look at the ability to calculate and the ability to reason with numbers.

  • Verbal abilities

Here the focus is on the knowledge of the meaning of words and the ability to see logical relations between words.

  • Perceptual speed

The ability to distinguish differences quickly and accurately is measured.

Subject tests

Subject tests

Study programmes require a certain level of knowledge of a specific subject or subjects. As part of the entrance exam, your knowledge of this subject or these subjects will therefore also be tested.
Upon successful completion of the capacity test, you will be invited by email to take part in the subject test(s). The duration and content of the test differs per study programme. The level of these tests is comparable to the Dutch HAVO exams.



Approximately a week after completing the capacity test, you’ll receive the result via e-mail. The result of the subject test(s) is usually shared approximately 3 weeks after the subject test date took place.



When enrolled to the September intake you’re entitled to resit one subject test when you did not meet the passing grade of 5,5. It is not possible to resit the capacity test.


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