Scholarship for non-EU/EER students

Inholland Knowledge Grant for non-EU/EER students 2023/2024 (*)

The Knowledge Grant(*) is an allowance awarded on a year-by-year basis, which promotes the enrolment of high-quality international degree students. A high-quality student is a student that completes their programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences within the nominal study duration (thus, attaining 60 EC credits per year, not including exemptions).

(*) Subject to change and no rights can be derived from this page.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Eligible international students are those students who at least meet the following basic criteria:

enrolled for a full-time programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences for the first time and also arranged to re-enrol in the subsequent years;

are not nationals of the EEA, Surinam or Switzerland;

required to pay the institutional tuition fees, and;

started their programme in or after the academic year 2019 – 2020 (Please note: different criteria and allowances may apply depending on the start year of your degree).



For the academic year 2023-2024 it will be mandatory to fill out an online application form to be considered for the 2023-24 Knowledge Grant. Since academic year 2020-2021, a new procedure for application is in place. The online application form can be found in the Student Self Service portal after login (under Scholarships), in due course. All possibly eligible students will also receive information by e-mail. The application deadline will be 31 August 2024.

Information per start year

Information per start year of your degree programme

Year Information
2019-20 start year The basic criteria apply, grant amount is according to the allowances table below and the 60 EC (or more) can be achieved randomly1). Only students who switched programmes may be eligible, conditions apply.
2020-21 start year The basic criteria apply, the amount is according to the allowances table below and the 60 EC (or more) can be achieved randomly1)
2021-22 until 2023-24 start year the basic criteria apply, grant amount is according to the allowances table below and the 60 EC (or more) have to be achieved in the specific programme year the EC’s belong to (and onwards from each programme year for each consecutive Knowledge Grant (truly nominal)

A regular academic/study/programme year is always 1 September until 31 August.

1) obtained between 1 Sept 2023 – 31 Aug 2024, but from any programme year

Allowances and payment

Allowances table

Students who meet all the above-mentioned requirements can apply to obtain this allowance by attaining 60 EC credits per year, not including exemptions.

The Inholland Knowledge grant is divided into three components:

  • Year 1: 2500 euro
  • Year 2: 1000 euro
  • Year 3: 1000 euro
  • Year 4: no allowance, but hopefully a diploma!


In case you meet all requirements, and complete the academic year 2023-2024 successfully (60 EC credits or more), you may expect the payment of the grant in December 2024 for students (re-)enrolled in September 2023, or in July 2025 for students re-enrolled in February 2024.

Main points

Main points (all start years)

  • Students can apply for this grant themselves and will need to (re)apply for the Knowledge Grant each academic year.
  • Students who already receive a Holland Scholarship Programme allowance are not eligible to receive a Knowledge Grant award in the same year.

Main points (start year 2019-2020 and onwards)

  • The Inholland Knowledge Grant is awarded each academic year with a maximum of three years in a row.
  • Students may receive a maximum total allowance of 4500 euros throughout their study career at Inholland UAS, if they attain 60 credits each year, not including exemptions.
  • Students may switch programmes; however, the grant allowance remains valid for a maximum of 3 years in a row.

More information

For more information

More information regarding the rules, regulations and exceptions of the Inholland Knowledge Grant are published in the 2023-2024 Education Guide (Education Guide 2023-2024; Chapter 3; 3.3 Profiling Fund Regulations; Article 5 Knowledge Grants).

Or for more information please contact

EU and Dutch students are advised to use the Nuffic Grantfinder, which allows you to determine if you are eligible for any scholarships/grants/loans from external sources. DUO is the key source of information and all queries regarding grants and loans need to be directed to them. 


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