Applied Mathematics / Data Science (EN) fulltime

Applied Mathematics is at the core of all engineering branches.

After the programme

This programme is futureproof. How? There are plenty of professional careers on offer for graduates of Applied Mathematics / Data Science. Are you looking for a career in software development or data science? Our study programme offers you just that. Graduates are currently working in a wide variety of positions, such as software developers in large financial companies, app developers in small start-ups, or data science entrepreneurs within the creative sector. You name it.

Jobs within your reach

  • Data analyst
  • IT consultant
  • Software engineer
  • Database management

Less typical careers

  • Mathematician 
  • Math teacher
  • Accountant

Your future job

Let's make it a little more concrete. After graduation, you could work in one of the following positions:

  • Data analyst
    As a data analyst, you combine several sources to find and create useful information for a company. You will use statistical methods to find patterns in data and make predictions upon this information. Ethics are an important skill, as you will be collecting, combining and analyzing data.
  • IT consultant
    You advise companies about information and technology. You listen carefully to your clients and analyse their need for technical information. You oversee the development and programming of software and the necessary equipment.
  • Software engineer
    You develop software and computer programmes (applications). You analyse the problems and wishes of employees and departments. You design constructions, test software and assist clients with the implementation of these applications.
  • Database management
    You control large databases by installing them, keeping them up-to-date and findingthe right data on request. You are an advisor who also keeps in touch with suppliers.

"Insights in the explosion of data and software engineering."

Stephan Saah, graduate

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Continuing your studies

After graduating, you can continue your education with a master’s degree or professional certificates. Alumni of the programme have been successful in master programmes all over the world, including programmes on networking, software engineering, game development, artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


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