Information Technology (EN) fulltime

Enter the most in demand and fast-growing industry worldwide.

After the programme

As a graduate you will have excellent career prospects and the range of potential employers will be huge across the private, public and non-profit sectors. A recent meeting of our graduates revealed that none of them ever had to write an application letter – that’s how keen businesses are to recruit IT experts! Over the next few years, thousands more jobs are expected to open up in the tech industry.

Jobs within your reach

  • Software engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • User interface designer
  • Database administrator
  • App developer
  • Security specialist

Less typical careers

  • Infrastructure architect
  • Hardware technician
  • Online marketeer
  • Business process engineer
  • Network engineer

Your future job

After graduation, you could work in one of the following positions:

  • Software engineer
    As a software engineer, you design and build applications, but you are also able to code and test software. Collaboration with the client and colleagues is essential to deliver complete and consistent products that meet all the requirements.
  • Systems analyst
    As a systems analyst, your job consists of analyzing software systems. This means that you translate a user's needs into a specification for software and/or software systems. You are also able to research and design software systems.
  • User interface designer
    User interface designers are responsible for the layout and design of an application. They ensure that a website looks great, is clear and user-friendly. To achieve this, UI designers must have a feeling for design as well as technical insight. They are champions at translating the wishes and requirements of the client into a usable application.
  • Database administrator
    As a database administrator (DBA), you are responsible for setting up and maintaining a database. It is your job to design the database in a way that applications can quickly and effectively find the information they need.
  • App developer
    When you are an app developer, you design, build, test and maintain apps, mostly for mobile devices.
  • Security specialist
    Security specialists are responsible for the security measures for computer networks and servers. They write security plans, advise on the build and design of information systems and set the specifications for security systems.

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Continuing your studies

This degree gives you access to  professional courses and (pre-)master programmes related to computer science or IT in the Netherlands and abroad. An example in the Netherlands is the master Computer Science at VU University.


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