Mathematical Engineering (EN) fulltime

"In five years I would see myself as a professional game developer either for mobile or for PC, or maybe both."

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Graduate Sebastian Vasile

Why did you choose to pursue a programme at Inholland University?
My main reason for choosing the Mathematical Engineering course was for the classes that it offers. The wide variety of subjects that are being covered, like programming, data analysis, web development, and networking convinced me that this programme was right for me and my career goals. Also, the fact that the programme offers the possibility of having two internships settled the decision for me.

How did you experience your programme?
I am pleased with the programme until now as it has given me opportunities that otherwise I wouldn't have had. It opened up my perspective on my career direction as well.

What qualities do you need as a student to be successful in this programme?
The main characteristics of those who are successful in studying in this programme are having a determination to push themselves to discover new information, having a love for computers, and the curiosity to solve puzzles.

Why would you recommend this programme to other students?
I would advise other students to follow this programme because I consider it to be a full-fledged programme that covers a multitude of subjects in the computer science field. It also provides opportunities in the job environment.

What practical experience have you gained during your programme?
I am currently doing my individual project internship, which requires me to work at a company as part of the programme curriculum. The job revolves around mobile development. Besides that, I did have a part-time job during my third year of studies, where I worked as a web developer. Although at times it was a bit tiring, it did not hinder my school activities and performance as I always aimed to put the school as my main objective. Overall, I can state that because of information gained in school as well as some extra work on my own I was able to find a job and an internship rather easily.

How about your career after graduation day, could you tell us how you ended up at your current job?
After graduation I plan on following a master's degree in Game and Media Technology. Following the Mathematical Engineering course at Inholland has helped me in going on this path.

Could you tell us more about your current job?
I am currently working at a company called Spil Games as a mobile application developer intern.

Why did you choose to apply for this job?
I choose to apply for this job because I enjoy developing applications in a mobile environment and I also want to start gaining experience in the gaming field.

What kind of knowledge from your study are you putting into practice now?
The knowledge from my study that I am currently putting into practice at my current job revolves around Android development, a course which is offered by this programme. I am also using advance knowledge about Java programming as well as server technology which I gained from my years following this course.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
In five years I would see myself as a professional game developer either for mobile or for PC, or maybe both.


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