No education at Inholland-buildings until September 1st

Due to the coronavirus

Until September 1st, there will be no physical education in any form whatsoever at the Inholland-locations. This includes classes, examinations, and meetings with lecturers or study coaches. 

Online education

At the moment many educational activities are offered in an online format. The schedules remain the same as long as the degree programs do not signal modifications. We advise students to: continue making your assignments and prepare for your exams. Do you have questions related to online education? Go to the Online Educational Support platform on Iris. We will share information on this platform, which we will expand step by step. Your degree program will inform you further on how online education will be offered for your degree specifically.

Most buildings will remain open

From April 6th onwards the opening times have changed: the buildings remain open from 10.00 to 15.00 hours. The building in Dordrecht and the OZW-building and Naaldwijkstraat labs in Amsterdam are closed until further notice. The ACTA building is only open for acute and urgent care of patients.

Working from home

We advise colleagues to work from home. Discuss your options with regards to what can be done at home and what has to be done at the Inholland-buildings with your colleagues in your team and your manager. In the event of unclarity, the manager will decide.

Frequently asked questions

We receive a lot of questions related to the coronavirus and contaminations in the Netherlands and other countries. In general, we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and the GGD (Municipal Health Services). As a student or employee, you can consult the section Coronavirus Know & Organize on Iris for other questions.

Can I still visit your Open Days?

Yes, Wednesday May 27th we welcome you to visit our Online Open Evening from 17.00 to 20.00 hours. You can join easily, from any device, without leaving your sofa, desk or even your bed. You can learn more about the study programme you are interested in and ask all the questions you may still have. Register now!

My study programme starts in September 2020. Is there a possibility to attend introduction activities?

Most certainly! Right before the start of the academic year, several introduction activities will take place which will allow you to get familiar with the study programme and meet your fellow students.

Due to the coronavirus we will make use of online alternatives to ensure a smooth introduction. We will keep you posted! For updates, please do keep an eye on the MyStart app

What will happen to classes and exams?

Physical classes are cancelled. Online classes could be an option. If your classes are being offered online, your programme will inform you.


If an examination is cancelled, you will be informed by your degree program on how they can be made up for. Your degree program will also inform you about other possibilities for doing examinations, for example through online channels. So, ask your degree program for more information and the latest developments.

Your schedule still applies, unless you receive information by your degree program that tells you otherwise. We are currently working on transferring all education to online tools as much as possible. In the meanwhile, continue working on your assignments and preparing for your examinations as well as you can.

Making up for exams

Of course we do not know how long these measures will be in place. However, we do expect that many educational activities will take place in the months of June and July (and perhaps August).

Will my work placement continue?

Get in touch with your placement organisation and your placement supervisor to discuss the progress of your work placement. Your placement organisation decided whether your work placement activities can continue. Perhaps it is possible to work from home.

In the health sector

If you have a work placement in the health sector, we will follow the guidelines on whatever the health sector needs. This means that your work placement activities will be prioritized over possible online classes. If your work placement continues, your supervision will also continue.

No physical visits

We are postponing physical visits of placements supervisors until further notice. You can always consult your placement supervisor over the phone or online.

What will happen if I get study delay?

This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We put in a lot of effort to prevent any negative effects on your study progress. If you think you are at risk of having study delay, please inform your study coach.

It is becoming increasingly difficult, or even impossible, for me to get my binding study recommendation, what can I do?

Inholland, like all other Universities of Applied Sciences, responds to the call of the Ministry of Education to postpone the negative binding study recommendation until the end of the next academic year: year 2020/2021.
More information

Why is the OZW-building in Amsterdam closing?

The OZW-building is closed until further notice because the presence of colleagues and students in the OZW and in Diemen is very small. Moreover, we recommend that you study from home as much as possible. That is why only our Diemen building remains open.

Our location at the Naaldwijkstraat is also closed for colleagues and students. Should studying from home be difficult for you for some reason and should you need facilities, you can go to the Wildenborch 6 in Diemen between 10.00 and 15.00 hours.

Please note: Currently the Service Desk doesn't offer physical assistance. You can still reach the Service Desk online or by phone. Issuing and/or taking in of materials is only possible by appointment.

Will the Study Check continue?

All physical Study Checks have been cancelled until at least June 1st. As soon as we have news on possible online Study Checks, we will inform you.

My (study) trip has been cancelled. What will happen now?

At the moment all study trips have been cancelled until further notice. Discuss with your program whether the study trip can be planned at a later moment.


We advise you to consult your travel insurance for possible reimbursement. Students with the collective travel insurance are not insured for cancellations. In principle, Inholland does not reimburse the costs of the trip.

Study delay

Get in touch with your program if you sustain study delay due to the cancellation of the study trip.

Do you have other questions on this subject?

Send an e-mail to (reply within office hours, not on weekends) or call + 31 (0) 621 262 514 (on weekdays from 9-17 hours).

For further questions about Erasmus, please get in touch with:

I have a another question about coronavirus, where can I ask it?

More questions and answers about coronavirus can be found on the RIVM website or – specifically with regard to education – on the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

For studying abroad

For questions about studying abroad please contact or call + 31 (0) 621 262 514 (7 days a week from 8h a.m. till 23h p.m.) For questions about Erasmus, please get in touch with:

Cannot find your question?

Send an email to

Info for students and colleagues on the coronavirus

Consult the Know & Organise section on Iris to find the most recent questions and answers.

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