Starting in fall? Education will look like this

The academic year officially starts on August 31, 2020. It will be determined per course whether the academic activities will start in the first week of September or slightly later. This will be communicated to you once a decision is reached. However, the start of your study will take place in a special period of time. For the time being, these adjustments relate to the first semester (i.e. September 2020 - January 2021). To find out how the academic year will look like per course select the specific course on the homepage. 

On-campus education

In order to facilitate on-campus education during corona times, we have set up measures that apply within all of our buildings. Check here the safety measures applicable in all of our buildings and scroll down to English. At the moment classrooms are being facilitated for written exams that cannot be taken online, laboratory classes and practical classes.

Online education

At the moment many educational activities are offered in an online format. The schedules remain the same as long as the degree programs do not signal modifications.

All international students who have been able to travel to the Netherlands at the beginning of the academic year and are physically in the Netherlands will follow a so called, 80/20 model of education, which implies,maximum 80% online and minimum 20% on-campus education. Please note: The Aeronautical Engineering programme has chosen to run the full academic year online. Questions about specifics: contact us at 

Travel restrictions 
Students who are not able to come to the Netherlands due to travel restrictions can start the program 100% online for the duration of the travel ban. This means that you will be allowed to start the academic year and remain in your home country only if there is an exit ban enforced by your national authorities or an entry ban enforced by the Netherlands government.

Opening times 

All Inholland-locations are open from 8:30 am until 5 pm in order to facilitate written exams and on-site education.  An update on opening hours during the new academic year will follow as soon as possible. 

Do you, as a current student, have questions related to online education? Go to the Online Educational Support platform on Iris. We will share information on this platform, which we will expand step by step. Your degree program informs you on how online education is offered to you the upcoming months. Here you will find a good overview of current COVID-19 measures.

We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM and the GGD (Municipal Health Services) to ensure the safety of our students and campus facilities. 

Frequently asked questions

We receive a lot of questions related to the coronavirus and contaminations in the Netherlands and other countries. In general, we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and the GGD (Municipal Health Services). As a student or employee, you can consult the section Coronavirus Know & Organize on Iris for other questions.

Can I still visit your Open Days?

Yes, Wednesday May 27th we welcome you to visit our Online Open Evening from 17.00 to 20.00 hours. You can join easily, from any device, without leaving your sofa, desk or even your bed. You can learn more about the study programme you are interested in and ask all the questions you may still have. Register now!

My study programme starts in September 2020. Is there a possibility to attend introduction activities?

Most certainly! Right before the start of the academic year, several introduction activities will take place which will allow you to get familiar with the study programme and meet your fellow students.

Due to the coronavirus we will make use of online alternatives to ensure a smooth introduction. We will keep you posted! For updates, please do keep an eye on the MyStart app

What will happen to classes and exams?

On-campus classes are cancelled. Online classes are an alternative. If your classes are being offered online, your programme will inform you.


If an examination is cancelled, you will be informed by your degree program on how they can be made up for. Your degree program will also inform you about other possibilities for doing examinations, for example through online channels. So, ask your degree program for more information and the latest developments.

Your schedule still applies, unless you receive information by your degree program that tells you otherwise. We are currently working on transferring all education to online tools as much as possible. In the meanwhile, continue working on your assignments and preparing for your examinations as well as you can.

Making up for exams

Of course we do not know how long these measures will be in place. However, we do expect that many educational activities will take place in the months of June and July (and perhaps August).

Will the Study Check continue?

All physical Study Checks have been cancelled until at least June 1st. As soon as we have news on possible online Study Checks, we will inform you.

I have a another question about coronavirus, where can I ask it?

More questions and answers about coronavirus can be found on the RIVM website or – specifically with regard to education – on the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

For studying abroad

For questions about studying abroad please contact or call + 31 (0) 621 262 514 (7 days a week from 8h a.m. till 23h p.m.) For questions about Erasmus, please get in touch with:

Cannot find your question?

Send an email to

How can I apply for student accommodation?

Housing shortage for students in the Netherlands is quite a familiar issue. Unfortunately, we do not provide student accommodation Inholland. We advise all students to start looking for accommodation at least 4 months prior to arrival. We provide assistance via the accommodation page so you know where to find a student room or apartment per Inholland-location. You can easily contact the international office on this page as well.


What are the Dutch measures against coronavirus and which basic rules apply to everyone?

During your stay in the Netherlands you must follow the rules that have been imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These rules apply to everyone in the Netherlands.

See the Q&A's Travel restrictions for the Netherlands (EU travel ban) on updated information about the travel restrictions.

See the FAQs about tourism in the Netherlands and COVID-19 measures on updated information with regard to health and safety measures upon arrival at Schiphol, and the Netherlands 

Do I need to self-quarantine upon arrival at the Netherlands?

Self-quarantine is currently not mandatory but it is strongly recommended when coming from a set of countries. Regardless the presence or absence of Covid-19 symptoms, we highly recommend you to go into self-quarantine. Please note the regulations and list of countries are subject to change. Check more information here.

Will Inholland provide education on campus during the upcoming academic year? What kind of tools are required for online education?

As long as the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease are in place, we will offer online education under the 80/20 rule. The aim is to provide around 80 percent of your education online and 20 percent on campus. With regards to on-campus education, we will prioritize certain student groups such as graduates and, from September onwards, first year students. This selection will, of course, be based on developments concerning the coronavirus and the measures imposed by the government.

Check your study programme to find out whether your laptop needs special requirements. Log in to the Inholland network with your Inholland account and get started with your assignments. Everywhere in our buildings we offer places where you can work independently or with your fellow students and use your laptop.

How will Inholland maintain educational standards and secure study progress when using online education?

Education offered by Inholland will continue but in a different way. It is our duty to continue to provide education, especially during times like these. We will continue to put effort into online education. The lecturers are responsible for setting up guidelines for you. First year students will be assigned to study counselors who will answer your questions.

Will I be able to study in a safe environment since there is no vaccine available yet? For instance, will laboratory courses, exams and internships be safe?

At the moment no education activities are taking place at any of our locations. We are taking different scenarios after 1 September into consideration. Decisions will be made when the relaxation of measures are announced. We will not be able to kick off the new academic year in a “normal” fashion as the capacity of our classrooms is limited. We are doing our utmost best to secure a safe study environment for your child.

Will the coronavirus crisis influence the curriculum of my study programme?

Our education at Inholland will take current affairs into account. Issues related to the coronavirus and related imposed measures will be reflected in your child's education. For example, students of Tourism Management will tackle questions such as “How will tourism look like after the coronavirus outbreak?”.

How will Inholland design a 1.5 meter distance study environment?

For the upcoming academic year, the aim is to provide 80 percent of your education online and 20 percent on campus. With regard to on-campus education, we decided to prioritize certain student groups such as graduates and, from September onwards, first year students. This selection is will be of course based on developments concerning the coronavirus and the measures imposed by the government.

Info for students and colleagues on the coronavirus

Consult the Know & Organise section on Iris to find the most recent questions and answers.

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