Aeronautical Engineering (ENG) full-time
Lecturer Jochem van der Voort

I teach statics (which deals with structures and loads) and I supervise and coordinate the projects of the first-year students. These are divided into four themes: performance, structures, manufacturing and smart systems. These four themes return every year during the courses of the study programme. During projects I mainly supervise the application of the theory during a project.   

I also studied Aeronautical Engineering. I then gained practical experience in the industry. I compiled written assignments for the field myself and held various positions to see where my passion really lies. For example, I started working at KLM in the maintenance sector where I wrote assignments for the mechanics in the hangar. And I also did this for a company in Den Helder for helicopters. This was a smaller organization where I had the opportunity to closely observe the mechanics and to support the technology.

My passion for teaching really has been with me throughout my career. We had an intern who had a lot of questions about helicopters. I noticed that I really enjoyed helping him. Explaining the matter to him gave me such a kick. So I finally decided to apply for a job at Inholland. Step by step you learn and I was also well-mentored by one of my former teachers. I think it's especially cool to help guide students to reach their potential during their studies. And what I find particularly challenging is that sometimes I have to tell a lot more so that students understand it and other times it is easier. This is really what I do my work for, to help my students during their studies.

My tip for prospective students: connect with people in your class. For example, do homework together at school and especially use those free hours for this. Reach out to teachers and don't be afraid to walk into the teachers' room if you have any questions. We want to help you and would hate for you to spend hours on something you can't figure out by yourself. Finally, I would advise students to join the study association Sipke Wynia. You go on many excursions at great companies and this is a great way to stay connected with students and teachers of the study programme.


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