Applied Mathematics / Data Science (ENG) full-time

Insights in the explosion of data and software engineering.

Graduate Stephen Saah

Graduated in 2020, cloud software and data science.

Why did you choose Applied Mathematics / Data Science?
I was in the pursuit of a degree that combined data, mathematics and information technology after having graduated from high school. I was curious about the applicability of math and IT in every day life.  A friend of mine lived in the Nehterlands so I expanded my search here. On the website I read "Interested in math, data, IT and solving puzzles? Then this is the programme for you", the perfect combination that I was looking for. 

How would you explain this programme in your own words?
You're given insights into the explosion of data and software engineering. Its network and its career opportunities integrated with ethics and passion.

Could you describe the defining moments for you while studying? What kind of projects were you working on?
Projects orchestrated during my study were always pleasantly surprising. Examples of projects include predicting wildlife population using math and software engineering. Using data science to derive insights into who runs or sponsors clinical trials within Europe, in which hospitals, and for what disease areas.

Due to the international nature of my class, emotional intelligence, expectation and time management became key skills and enabled me to pursue extra-curricular activities like the university Excellence Degree in Innovation and Leadership. The opportunity to study a semester abroad was a defining moment once I found the courage to overcome stepping outside my comfort zone.

Where do you see yourself professionally when looking into the future?

The ever-learning field of Cloud/Software/Data Science helps me to be in educational services one day and consultancy where decision-making will not only be a directed term for me but an action. I would advise other students to follow this programme because I consider it to be a full-fledged programme that covers a multitude of subjects in the computer science field. 


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