Pay in full or in multiple instalments

Collection of tuition fees 2020-2021

You can opt to pay your tuition fees in full or in multiple instalments. By setting up a secure direct debit payment in Studielink, you allow us to collect the tuition fee on the agreed date(s).


Payment in 1 instalment
If you start in September, the amount will be collected on 02-09-2020.

Payment in multiple instalments 
If you opt to pay in instalments, a one-off processing fee of € 24 will be charged. The following collection dates apply for payment in 10 installments:

1st instalment: 24-09-2020
2nd instalment: 23-10-2020
3rd instalment: 24-11-2020
4th instalment: 22-12-2020
5th instalment: 22-01-2021

6th instalment: 24-02-2021
7th instalment: 24-03-2021
8th instalment: 23-04-2021
9th instalment: 24-05-2021
10th instalment: 24-06-2021

How do I set up a direct debit payment?

When setting up the direct debit payment, you enter your payment details in Studielink. Then you, or the person who pays the tuition fee, can directly confirm the authorisation.

If the tuition fee amount is not yet visible in Studielink, you can not confirm the authorisation. You will automatically receive an email from Studielink if you can confirm the authorisation. In many cases you will receive this within 24 hours.

Need help with filling in your payment details? Consult the F.A.Q. on



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