What is important when you enrol or deregister?

Rules on enrolment and deregistration

Can not find something on the site? Then consult the enrolment and deregistration rules of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. This document describes all steps within the enrolment and deregistration procedure.

Check the 2019-2020 enrolment and deregistration rules

Below is a brief summary of the contents:

Chapter 1: Applying

Chapter 1 describes the enrolment process. It contains information on the enrolment conditions, enrolment deadlines and what to do if you are starting on another date than 1 September.

Chapter 2: Prior education and entry requirement

Chapter 2 describes the various prior education requirements involved in enrolling at a university of applied sciences. If your prior education is lacking, this is also where you can find information about the entrance tests offered by Inholland.

Chapter 3: Study Check

Chapter 3 contains extensive information about the Study Check.

Chapter 4: Tuition Fees

Chapter 4 lists all the tuition fees and explains which will apply to you.

Chapter 5: International students

Are you a student from abroad who requires a residence permit to study at Inholland? All the information you need can be found in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Deregistration or switch

Chapter 6 provides information on the various rules concerning terminating enrolment, as well as describing what to do if you want to switch to another degree programme.

Chapter 7: Complaints and disputes

The final section has information on the appeal procedure and explains the importance of the student counsellor.



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