The Study Check is an important part of your application.

Study Check

If you want to study at a Dutch university, you will be faced with the Study Check. This check is a mandatory part of your application process. Good to know, the Study Check is not an exam! It is not possible to fail the test because it is designed to find out whether your interests and ambitions match with your chosen study programme. Based on the check, we will provide a study advice. If this advice is positive, it is more likely that you will enjoy your study and it increases the chance of you completing the programme successfully.

The Study Check consists of the following components: 

  1. Online questionnaire
    All programmes ask you to complete an online questionnaire prior to a meeting at university or via Skype. In the questionnaire you can be asked about your current study situation, which after school activities you have done, your motivation and skills.
  2. Homework assignment
    For a number of programmes, you also have to do a homework assignment in addition to the online questionnaire.
  3. Meeting
    The meeting at Inholland consists of a morning or an afternoon in which you try out a class, work on a practical assignment and/or meet students and teachers. A personal chat can also take place during the day. Sometimes a Study Check only consists of a personal (Skype) interview, in which the results of your online questionnaire and any homework assignment are discussed. You can find the exact details on the page of your programme under the heading Entry Requirements.
  4. Study advice
    The Study Check is completed with a study advice.

For who?

You do the Study Check when you are enrolled for a bachelor's degree. The check is a compulsory part of your application process when you want to study at Inholland or any other university in the Netherlands.

After you have registered in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail from the Central Student Administration stating whether the Study Check is mandatory for you. You will also be referred to Self Service via this e-mail. Here you will find all information about the Study Check and the various steps that apply to you.

2019 Dates

Aeronautical Engineering in Delft on  20 March or 27 April 
Business Innovation in Diemen on 15 April
Creative Business in The Hague on 22 March or 18 April
Creative Business in Haarlem on 22 March or 18 April
Information Technology in  Haarlem on 15 April
Mathematical Engineering in Diemen on 16 April
Tourism Management in Diemen on 16 April

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be refused access to a programme if I receive a negative advice?
If you apply before 1 May, you will not be refused access to a programme, even if you receive a negative advice after your study check. If you apply after 1 May and you receive a negative advice, you will not be admitted. 

Can I prepare for the study check?
No, the study check is not a test for which you can prepare. However, the programme may ask you to write a motivation letter or complete a homework assignment. 

Find the answer to your other questions in our F.A.Q. (pdf)

The Study Check is a requirement to start start your study programme. It has been developed at the request of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. The check is part of the education law which took effect on 1 September 2013


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