We offer a wide range of Bachelor programmes on eight main campuses across the west of the country (the 'Randstad')  including Business, Media & Entertainment, Health, Agriculture, Teacher Training, Marketing, Engineering, Social Work, Tourism, IT, Food, Innovation and Finance.

Inholland is an ambitious institute catering to a culturally diverse student population of some 30,000 students in the cities of Alkmaar, Amsterdam/Diemen, Delft, Haarlem, The Hague, and Rotterdam. In addition, we offer 5 Master programmes in the field of Education and Health.

We focus on internationalization and the development of international and crosscultural competencies for the future knowledge worker. International mobility is a tool in order to reach that goal.

Promotion and Events

Throughout our network of about 190 partner institutions in Europe and a wide network of international companies for internship and graduation opportunities we aim to facilitate students and staff in their international experience. "International Weeks" and "Career and Go Abroad" events help to stimulate mobility as well as an International Staff Week to be organized in the near future. Throughout these promotional tools we aim to stimulate, facilitate and increase the number of students and staff going abroad. Numbers of students going abroad for a study programme at one of our partner institutions are stable, whereas numbers of students going abroad for a placement or graduation period abroad are increasing. Teaching staff is getting more and more aware of the "necessity" of an international work-experience in order to broaden their horizon and development of cross cultural skills and numbers of teaching staff with this experience is slowly increasing.


Within the current Erasmus program Inholland exchanges around 300 students and  60 teachers (including staff)  per year with approximately  190 partner universities in Europe.

To give visibility to Erasmus activities the International Offices and  Faculties of Inholland undertake different actions:

  • Information meetings and individual consult about study & work placements abroad and grants
  • Go-International Events and International Weeks
  • Information on the intranet page of the International Office and  the Faculties
  • Opening hours of the International Office on a daily basis for students who would like to go abroad or need advise in order to take the extra steps
  • Informative and promotional brochures and factsheets containing extra information on steps to be taken before, during and after mobility
  • The EPS is published on the Dutch and English intranet page of the International Office and the Inholland website.


Compliance with non-discrimination objectives is ensured by the house rules and specific articles in the study guides of Inholland. For disabled students and staff special facilities are available and all buildings are wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, as is mentioned in the mission statement, Inholland is socially committed and responds to local developments. Students and employees participate for instance in local social projects.

Measures to ensure high quality in academic mobility activities:

Outgoing students

  • Information & counselling: during information meetings and daily office hours the International Offices inform students about study and placement abroad possibilities  including grants. Exchange coordinators from the  Faculties  advise students on the content of the exchange programs and placements and select outgoing students based on motivation, study results and language skills.
  • Recognition: the student makes a proposal of the courses he or she wants to follow during the exchange. The  Faculty has to approve this proposal to ensure the recognition of credits. After approval of the Examination Board, a Learning Agreement is signed by the student, the partner university and the Faculty. 
  • Language courses: some studies offer language courses as part of the curriculum.
  • Information: all information on exchange programs is available on our website and in brochures and is also sent to the partner universities. 
  • Recognition & credit system: to ensure the credits are recognized by their university incoming students must have a Learning Agreement. After successful completion of the program students receive a Transcript of Records. ECTS is used to easily transfer credits to partner universities.
  • Student services: exchange students can make use of accommodation offered by Inholland. All facilities, like computers and library, are available for exchange students.
  • Language course: Some faculties offer a Dutch Language and Culture course. All exchange programs offer English as a second language.
  • Tutoring: to ensure the integration of exchange students a social program is organised by student buddies, ESN and the International Office. During the exchange program incoming students are coached by student buddies and the exchange coordinator.
  • Inclusion: At Inholland various facilities are available for students with disabilities. Our student counsellors are there for you if you struggle with, for example, dyslexia, fear of failure or a disability. You can also contact the counsellor if you combine top-level sport with studying, or if there are family problems. The student counselling service discusses the options with you and what would benefit you the most, depending on the nature and severity of the disability. Alternatives could include extending the allocated time for an exam or in some situations, the usage of a laptop. Do you need some extra support? We advise you to contact one of our student counsellors as soon as possible and discuss which facilities are required and available to address your situation. If you already have an Inholland account you can find all the information about studying with a disability on Knowledge Base IRIS. In case you do not have an Inholland account yet you can contact our student counsellors (Decanaat) by sending an email to:

    Decanaat Amsterdam/Diemen, Decanaat Alkmaar, Decanaat Delft, Decanaat Den Haag, Decanaat Dordrecht, Decanaat Haarlem, Decanaat Rotterdam.

Incoming Students

Staff mobility

Staff mobility is a priority in Inholland's strategic plans and therefore highly stimulated. Around 80 teachers per year go to a partner university and 70 teachers from partner universities teach at Inholland.

Erasmus Policy Statement
Erasmus Charter

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