Always up-to-date with the MyStart-app


Inholland MyStart is the app for prospective students at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. So have you applied to a programme at Inholland? Then make sure you download the MyStart-app. This app gives you access to all useful information concerning your enrolment and the start of your study. 

What can you do with the MyStart-app?

With the MyStart-app you:

easily keep track of the progress of your enrolment;

see at a glance what you have to do to complete your enrolment; 

find all the information about the start of your study programme, such as its start date, books and other study materials;

view the programme of introduction day(s);

read the latest news about Inholland University of Applied Sciences;

consult the frequently asked questions.

Information about your timetable and grades?

Inholland provides two useful apps for students: the MyStart and the MyInholland app. The MyStart app is intended for prospective students. Once you start studying, you can use the MyInholland app to view your timetable, check your grades or register for an exam.