Student housing in Alkmaar

Inholland Alkmaar has a limited amount of rooms available for incoming exchange students who are studying at Inholland Alkmaar. Degree seekers from any Inholland campus are also welcome to apply. These rooms are owned by housing organisation Woonwaard. However, as there is limited capacity, please keep in mind that you may have to find your own room.

Woonwaard rooms

Woonwaard rooms

Inholland has a limited mount of rooms available, that are owned by housing organisation Woonwaard.



Please keep in mind that you will receive a contract for the entire semester. It's not possible to cancel your contract and you have the obligation to pay for the entire semester.

A description of the rooms and facilities can be found on the website of Woonwaard. You can also send them an email for more information:

How to apply

How to apply

After you have been admitted for your exchange, you will receive more information from the  International Office on how to apply.


Finding your own room

Finding your own accommodation

The websites below can help you find student accommodation in Alkmaar:

Please realise that renting a room through all of these services falls under your own responsibility, so be aware of fake accounts. 

Never send a copy of your ID if you do not know who the owner is. Furthermore, never pay a deposit or rent until you have the keys to the accommodation in your possession. If the landlord wants to send you the keys by post, this is usually a sign of fraud as well,  as well as payment via Western Union. Be careful of these signs!


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