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Long term stay 

If you are a degree seeker, studying at Inholland for 2 or 4 years to obtain a bachelor degree, you may rent a room provided by Inholland in the apartment building in Daalwijk or Darlingstraat for an entire academic year (2 semesters). The apartment buildings Daalwijk and Darlingstraat are located opposite from each other at five minutes cycling distance from the Inholland Amsterdam/Diemen school building. Metro/train station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena is also on five minutes cycling distance.

How to apply

How to apply

Please be aware that we only will process your housing application after you are completely admitted to Inholland. This means that… 1) your (foreign) diploma has to be validated first by the Central Student Administration and 2) if English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of your English proficiency (this is part of the admission requirements for international students at Inholland). The entire procedure can take months.

Renting period for academic year 2021-2022

  • For the rooms in Daalwijk 20 August 2021 - 12 August 2022
  • For the studios in Darlingstraat 20 August 2021 -12 August 2022 

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to extend the rental contract after the dates mentioned above. If you are an international bachelors student we advise you to register for a room in Daalwijk or Darlingstraat, so you will have accommodation for a full academic year.

When signing the tenancy agreement, you commit to paying the rent until the last day of the rental period. It is not possible to cancel the tenancy agreement before the end date. 

Deadline for application is 1 July 2021 at noon CET.

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Amsterdam Zuidoost

The Daalwijk apartment building has 2- and and 4-room apartments. You will have your own bedroom. Please note that there are only two 2-room apartments. It is not possible to reserve a specific apartment before registration. Our student apartments in Daalwijk are in general gender-mixed. If you do not want to live with the opposite gender, please email us BEFORE you submit your online application form. 
Please note that the number of single gender apartments is very limited, so we cannot give any guarantees. If you are a degree seeker and want to have a room with your own facilities (own kitchenette, shower, lavatory) then you should choose a studio in Darlingstraat.

The individual (bed)rooms have different measurements, between 10 and 17 m2. The monthly rent of the room depends on its size.
The kitchen, bathroom and lavatory are shared with one or three other residents. All rooms are furnished and have their own internet connection. These facilities are included in the rent, as well as a bed linen set, kitchenware, gas, water, electricity, heating, internet and local taxes. There are laundry facilities on the first floor of the apartment building (excl. rent).
Daalwijk is easily accessible by train or metro and from the centre of Amsterdam it is about 30-45 minutes by bike.

Rent per month
+/-10m2: approximately € 320-350
+/-12m2: approximately € 340-390
+/-14m2: approximately € 370-400
+/-17m2: approximately € 435-465

The administration fee of €100 is not included in the rent. Please note that the standard internet is wired (with a cable). In case you would like to use internet via WiFi, you will need to bring or buy your own router.



Darlingstraat 1102 MX 
Amsterdam Zuidoost

These 'rooms' are actually studio apartments: they include a private bathroom and kitchenette. The size of the studio is approximately 20 m2. Each studio is designed for one student. It is therefore not possible to live together with a (boy/girl-) friend in one studio.


Rent price is approximately € 555 per month. The rent includes a bed linen set and kitchenware, gas, water, electricity, internet and a TV connection. The administration fee of €100 and local taxes are not included in the rent. Please note that the standard internet is wired (with a cable) so you will need to bring your own router. The laundry room with washers and dryers is in the middle block and is only accessible for residents.

You might be entitled to housing allowance and cancellation of taxes (this depends on your income and your rental costs); this can be requested through the Dutch tax office. Please note that you need to pay your complete rent to DUWO first and that the Tax Office will decide if they will award you the allowance each year. For information, please contact the International Office or go to



All our student flats are located in the ‘Bijlmer’, a neighborhood which houses today almost 50.000 people of over more than 150 nationalities – so it is very multicultural- and was designed as a serie of nearly identical high-raised buildings, and are separated by large green areas planted with grass and trees. In the late 90’s, the municipality of Amsterdam started to renew the Bijlmer, by replacing the high-raised buildings for smaller flats and single family-homes. About ten years ago, the Daalwijk-building was transformed from a ‘family-flat’ into a student flat.

In 2012 the entire area from the Ziggo Dome in the west, Villa Arena home furnishing ‘ArenA Boulevard’ and the football stadium ‘Johan Cruyff ArenA’ started being marketed as “ArenA Poort”, also the entrance for the biggest shopping area in Amsterdam, the “Amsterdamse Poort” (Poort = Gate in Dutch).

Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe and a marvelous place to be a student, but like any other city/neighborhood with a large student population, it can unfortunately attract criminal activities. We advise all students to use their common sense when going out at night. Objectively, Bijlmer may even be safer than the city center of Amsterdam, but we advise all students to avoid walking/cycling home alone. Upon arrival, the International Office of Inholland University of Applied Sciences can provide more (general) safety instructions.

Metro/train station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena has connecting trains to major cities in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam city centre is only 15 minutes away by public transportation, while AMC hospital can be reached within only seven minutes.




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