Accommodation in Delft

Some words of advice

Check whether the agency is listed on the Dutch Chamber of Commerce website (in Dutch, but simply insert the agents name in the search bar to look for listings). We advise you to check if the agency really exists. Be critical and check for reviews or warnings.

Please be aware that during your (online) search you might encounter frauds. Renting a room via agents and the platforms mentioned below is your own responsibility and be aware of fake accounts.

Be aware of scams:

  • Never send a copy of your ID if you do not know who the owner is.
  • Do not pay a deposit or rent before you are in possession of keys
  • If a landlord offers you to send keys by post it might be a sign of fraud.
  • Do not make payments via Western Union. 

Alternative accommodation

The websites below can also help you find student accommodation in Delft:

Please note: Inholland does not mediate between the students and the providers of private accommodation. Furthermore, the building with student rooms next to Inholland University Of Applied Sciences The Hague is not in our possession. It is owned by housing corporation Wooninvest.

Housing Anywhere (short-long stay)

HousingAnywhere is an online booking platform where you can safely book your new room, offered by verified landlords and by outgoing students.

Sign up here to receive an Inholland VIP profile and priority access to the listings of Housinganwhere. You have to buy a subscription (from €26 to €68) to chat with landlords. Once you have a subscription, you no longer have to pay any other fees to HousingAnywhere.

Please keep in mind that the contacts of the landlords become available after the subscription.

Thanks to the collaboration between Inholland and HousingAnywhere, your subscription can be renewed for free. Reach out to to claim the discount and for more information.


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