Accommodation in Delft

If you would like to live in Delft, we advise you to start looking for accommodation at an early stage. Delft is a student city but relatively small, so there is a limited availability of vacant rooms. 

If you will be studying Aeronautical Engineering, you can apply for a room (of housing agency DUWO).
Unfortunately these rooms are not available for exchange students.
Please note: there are very limited number of rooms in collaboration with DUWO. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
More information, contact details and information about how to apply will be published around May/June 2020. Keep checking our website.

Finding your own accommodation

The websites below can also help you find student accommodation in Delft:


Please realize that renting a room through all of these services falls under your own responsibility, so be aware of fake accounts. 

Never send a copy of your ID if you do not know who the owner is. Furthermore, never pay deposit or rent until you have the keys to the accommodation in your possession. If the landlord wants to send you the keys by post, this is usually a sign of fraud as well,  as well as a payment via Western Union. Be careful of these signs! 


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